Getting Jewcy with Rachel & Hiiro

Episode 58 with Leo Flowers - Comedian, Podcaster, Life Coach

May 13, 2021 Rachel Rozen & Hiiro Prince with Leo Flowers Season 1 Episode 58
Getting Jewcy with Rachel & Hiiro
Episode 58 with Leo Flowers - Comedian, Podcaster, Life Coach
Show Notes

Leo Flowers joins us from San Diego, California to discuss the power of being an overall genuine human. Leo is a man of many talents. He is a stand-up comedian, a podcaster and has an M.A. in counselling/psychology. Leo hails from Chicago, and has also been a substitute school teacher and is a former D1 athlete!

Leo speaks about being secure with being a generalist at times in his life when it's been needed. He's candid about his own struggles with mental health and how important it is to forgive and be kind to ourselves, by getting out of our own way and surrendering. Leo has performed his stand-up in several comedy tours in North America. No two shows are ever alike, as he’s always attacking the issues of the day and revealing personal anecdotes. Infusing stand up with storytelling, Leo captivates audiences of all demographics.

He currently lives with his Jewish girlfriends (yep, there's that in comment... lol) and opens up about how they met and how having a background in psychology helped their relationship through Covid. Leo has a suicide prevention podcast called Before You Kill Yourself, where he interviews other mental health experts, comedians and best-selling book authors as they destigmatize mental health and teach you how to thrive! He's also working as a Life Coach, coaching individuals who are thriving, prosperous and successful in their careers & finances, but suffering in their relationships.

There are so many takeaways from Leo Flowers and a blossoming you could say...

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