Getting Jewcy with Rachel & Hiiro

The Last Sip with Rachel & Hiiro - Episode 6

September 05, 2021 Rachel Rozen & Hiiro Prince Season 1 Episode 6
Getting Jewcy with Rachel & Hiiro
The Last Sip with Rachel & Hiiro - Episode 6
Show Notes

In this episode of The Last Sip, where we squeeze out that last drop of the convo, our chat revolves around the comparisons that people are making about the vaccine passports in Canada. We realize this is a very hot and controversial topic and it's not our intension to hurt anyone who finds this particular episode. We aren't always so serious with our content but...

One comparison in particular has really hit a nerve with us and we felt the need to talk about it. There are some people out there comparing the vaccine passport to the Holocaust. We are grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, and we felt it was important to challenge this hurtful and disrespectful comparison.

Incredulously, there have even been protesters who are against the vaccine passport wearing yellow stars... yes, the same symbol the Nazis made Jews wear during the Second World War. A statement made by Eta Yudin, The Montreal Holocaust Museum's vice-president, mirrors our sentiments ever so eloquently... “The appropriation of yellow stars by these protesters trivializes the Holocaust and the lessons learned. The yellow star was a symbol of the repression of the fundamental rights of Jews in the context of a genocidal project to exterminate the Jewish people. We should all be shocked".

To respect the the history of the Jewish people and to not undervalue the extreme, unthinkable suffering that was endured, we ask you to please PAUSE first, and have a really deep think about whether it's fair to compare the vaccine passport to the Holocaust.

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