Getting Jewcy with Rachel & Hiiro

Episode 77 with Sam Led Part 1 - Mindset & Transformation Coach, Author, Podcaster

December 21, 2021 Rachel Rozen & Hiiro Prince with Sam Led Season 1 Episode 77
Getting Jewcy with Rachel & Hiiro
Episode 77 with Sam Led Part 1 - Mindset & Transformation Coach, Author, Podcaster
Show Notes

What happens when you put 3 Jews on a podcast slated for an hour? You get MORE than an hour! Sam Led, no-nonsense mindset and transformation coach, stops by for a mental health focused discussion about overcoming his anxiety and neurodiversity and empowering others to do the same.

The subjects we cram into this episode vary within the mental health realm, such as the process of diagnosis when identifying what is happening in the brain, and sometimes not finding out what's happening after dealing with certain conditions for an extended period of time. We also touch on our shared Jewish ancestry, and the link to intergenerational trauma. We could tell right away in our conversation that Sam has a gift for helping people see that they are far more powerful than their fears, anxieties or bad habits.

Here is an official BIO from Sam himself:

Combining his studies from the University of South Florida and Nova Southeastern University, Sam shares a groundbreaking new understanding that has helped thousands of people tap into their natural innate health and resilience so they can overcome anxiety, fear, and unhealthy habits without strategies, techniques, or willpower. Sam has become a powerful conduit for those wishing to recover and flourish successfully from any major life setback or loss in their lives.

After being misdiagnosed multiple times by well-meaning mental health professionals, he was final diagnosed with ADHD and experienced severe anxiety for over two decades.

He was suffering silently. Then in 2005, after a series of traumatic events that lead him down a rabbit hole, he finally began to “see” that the nature of his suffering was made up and illusory. That he was one thought away from mental wellbeing (as we all are). That we are not living in a world of our outside circumstances, but we are living 100% in a world made up of thought. That the truth to who we are is below the noise.

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